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Bring back THE ROCK!


“Meet me at The Rock!”

For over 30 years, “The Rock” was a fixture inside of Redmond High School.  Thousands of students met friends, had club photos taken, and planned fun adventures at The Rock.

When Redmond High School opened in the Fall of 2013, The Rock was gone.  Alumni often ask what happened to The Rock.  Redmond High School is a school of tradition, and the heart of the school was no longer where generations of students used to see it.

Fortunately, the rock was not discarded, merely moved to the football field where it lay, essentially unnoticed, until one night when the Class of 2017 (a class that believes strongly in tradition) somehow moved The Rock to the front of the school and laid it on our literal doorstep.

The senior leaders want to bring The Rock back…  | read more |

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