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Dokimasia: Greek Rite of Passage
“Dokimasia” named after the Ancient Greek “rite of passage” that evaluated the capacity all citizens, and is intended as a “rite of passage” for all students entering our RHS community.


This course provides students with an introduction to the culture of their school so that they understand staff expectations and the school’s structure and conventions. This is a freshman course designed to help students envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating. It helps the students recognize the value of education while motivating them to challenge themselves and strive for higher achievement.

Student Created Dokimasia Mission Statement
Graduating every student with the necessary social, emotional, and intellectual skills to be successful in a college or career setting, and to participate in a lifelong learning community.

Essential Questions
How can we leave an impact on our community?
What does our attitude for our life after high school options do for our community?
What is human nature? What are your morals and values? What do these mean for our community
What does a leader look like to you?
How do we see reflections of ourselves in literature? What do we do with this information?

*There were over 30 student legacy projects. Some were:
Building Little Free Libraries
Green Team- Plastic bag/paper towel/water bottle recycling
Musical Enlightenment team
Growth Mindset team
Tech- Electronic Entertainment team
Entrepreneurship team
Community Service/Legacy project team
Random Acts of Kindness team
Writing/illustrating/creating a Growth Mindset Children’s book team
RHS/Redmond Life Hack team