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Athletic Schedules & Coaches

Sports Schedules are available by clicking on the sport below. These schedules are the preliminary schedules and still may have some changes!  Please refer back to the links frequently for updates/changes that may occur.
Sport Coach Contact
Varsity Football Brent Wasche  brent.wasche@redmondschools.org
JV Football
Freshman Football
Sport Coach Contact
Varsity Volleyball Aaron Mallory  aaron.mallory@redmondschools.org
JV Volleyball Nickie Carter  nickie.carter@redmondschools.org
JV2 Volleyball Anthony Sessions anthony.sessions@redmondschools.org
Sport Coach Contact
Mens Varsity Soccer
Mens JV  Soccer  Gus Eriza  g.eriza@yahoo.com
Mens Asst Soccer TJ Thrasher tj.thrasher@redmondschools.org
Womens Varsity Soccer  Martha Segura martha.segura@redmondschools.org
Womens JV Soccer  Gayle Tompkins gayle.tompkins@redmondschools.org
Sport Coach Contact
Cross Country Melissa Conley runner@bendbroadband.com
Assistant  Tim Conley tim.conley@redmondschools.org
Cheer-Varsity Cindy Baumgartner cindy.baumgartner@redmondschools.org
Cheer-JV Jenna Meinig jennaoden21@gmail.com

Winter Sports Coaches & Schedules
Sport Coach Contact
Mens Varsity Basketball  Reagan Gilbertson reagan.gilbertson@redmondschools.org
Mens JV Basketball Ryan Westendorf rjw30@live.com
Mens Frosh Basketball  Nathan Saito nathan.saito@redmondschools.org
Womens Varsity Basketball Angela Capps angela.capps@redmondschools.org
Womens Varsity Asst BX Phil Whitehead  jpwhitehead60@yahoo.com
Womens JV Basketball  Jim Markham jmarkham682@gmail.com
Sport Coach Contact
Varsity Wrestling Kris Davis kris.davis@redmondschools.org
JV Wrestling
Frosh/Soph Wrestling Rob Spear rob.spear@redmondschools.org
Sport Coach Contact
Swim Coach Denise Maich denise.deleone@gmail.com
Swim Coach  Jeff Schiedler jeff.schiedler@redmondschools.org
Cheer-Varsity Cindy Baumgartner cindy.baumgartner@redmondschools.org
Cheer-JV Jenna Meinig jennaoden21@gmail.com

Spring Sports Coaches & Schedules
Sport Coach Contact
Mens Varsity Baseball Doug Taylor doug.taylor@redmondschools.org
Mens JV Baseball Denny Allen dennisa@gci.net
Mens Varsity Assistant
Sport Coach Contact
Womens Varsity Softball  Mike Durre mdurre@netscape.net
Womens JV Softball Darren Kosanke  darrenk.storm@gmail.com
 Womens Varsity Asst Kylie Durre kylie.durre@redmondschools.org
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
Sport Coach Contact
Mens Varsity Tam Bronkey tambpga@gmail.com
Mens JV
Womens Varsity Jeff Roundtree rabtree@hotmail.com
Womens JV
Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Sport Coach Contact
Mens Tennis  Nathan Saito  nathan.saito@redmondschools.org
Womens Tennis Kelli Tusow kelli.tusow@redmondschools.org
Track & Field
Sport Coach Contact
Varsity Tim Conley tim.conley@redmondschools.org
Assistant  Melissa Conley runner@bendbroadband.com