Redmond High School Counseling Department

Hours:  7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
P: (541) 923-4800
F: (541) 923-4826

Kris Davis

Counselor (A-K)


(541) 923-4800 ext. 1723

Sophia Jensen

Counselor (L-Z)


(541) 923-4800 ext. 1724

Leslie Hanna

Career Center Coordinator

P: (541) 923-3440 x 1728
F: (541) 923-4826

Sonya Davis


P: (541) 923-4800 ext. 1722
F: (541) 923-4826

Ruth Markham

Data Specialist & Transcript Requests

P: (541) 923-4800 ext. 1726
F: (541) 923-4826

Counseling Services

Responsive Services: Help process personal, family, relationship, stress, and anxiety issues.

Mediation: Work on conflict resolution between students, parents, and teachers.

Academic Assistance: Study skills support, academic scheduling, and future planning.

Referral to Community Resources: Professional counseling, Educational supports, Local organizations.

Mission Statement The program will provide services that support every student’s academic, social-emotional, and vocational development toward becoming a responsible and contributing member of our complex and changing society.

Philosophy The counseling program is an essential part of the overall educational process and is integrated throughout students’ high school experiences. Each student is served by a network of support, including RHS staff, parents, and the community.  All working to create a culture of acceptance which allows for the most productive learning environment for all students.

We Believe Educational, vocational, and personal objectives are attainable by all students. Every student should be served at their developmentally appropriate level. Counselors demonstrate personal and professional ethical competencies. All students have access to a state licensed counselor and child development specialist. Professional development and opportunities for professional growth both individually and collectively. Counselors connect and network with community, regional, state, and national agencies and organizations in order to access appropriate resources and support for students and families. Utilize a Nationally recognized framework and standard for evaluating the counseling and guidance program for the district.  Advocate for equitable opportunities for all students (IEP, 504) Jacki Dahl College and Career Center Coordinator

How to Order Transcripts Complete this Transcript Request Form When ordering your transcript, please be sure to include all the information. Your order will be processed within 5 business days. Our Data Specialist is available for any questions at ruth.markham@redmondschools.or