Senior Portfolio Instructions

Senior Career Portfolio Instructions:

Start your Portfolio by printing off this Senior Portfolio Checklist:  Senior Career Portfolio Checklist

(1) Activities Chart

This chart lists all your volunteer work, jobs (both paid and unpaid), school related and non school activities you have been involved in, sports, clubs etc. grades 9 – 12.

(2) Letter of Recommendation Tips

View the Letter of Recommendation Tips then ask a teacher or someone who knows you well, to write a letter of recommendation.  Don’t wait.  Ask them soon!

 (3) Sample Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is a letter written by you introducing yourself to a prospective employer or college. Read the sample cover letter then write the letter in your own words.

(4) Sample Resume

State your employment goals, skills & jobs you’ve had (with your job title & responsibilities).  Add your educational history and hobbies (if you’d like.)

(5) Sample Reference Page

List the name, address, phone number or email for 3 people who know you well

(6)  ASVAB Exam Score Report

(7)  Do What You Are 

Log into Naviance and register to access Do What You Are

  • Click Sign-in
  • “Students and Families”
  • Zip code: 97756  – Redmond High School
  • Username: Your school email address without @redmondschools (ex:19jsmith)
  • Password: Your student ID number
  • “About Me” > “My Assessments” > “Do What You Are”

(8)  College, Trade School or Military Comparison Page

Click on this link and follow the instructions.  Print off your results and add to your portfolio.

(9) College Application Instructions

If you have applied to a college, print off your application and put it in your portfolio.  Your letter of acceptance will also work.  If you are not planning on attending college, pick up a COCC paper application in the Career Center, complete it and put it in your portfolio.

(10)  Special Recognition and Awards

These can be athletic, academic, FFA, JROTC etc. awards & certificates.  You may also use an essay you are proud of or a photo of your artwork.

Mock Interview Instructions