Occupational Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

For internship opportunities throughout Central Oregon, see your councilor about our program with Youth Career Connect.


Youth CareerConnect provides resources & support for employers, students, and educators throughout the entire internship process.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

An apprenticeship is a paid occupational training program that combines supervised on-the-job training experience with classroom instruction. Students must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma to qualify. Apprenticeships are offered in most of the union trades i.e. plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, construction.

Job Shadow Opportunities

Job shadowing is an opportunity for students to visit a business, non-profit or government agency to learn first hand what employees do on a daily basis. Job shadows will last no more than three (3) hours. This will give students time to observe activities, ask prepared questions, gain a better understanding of what employers do in the world of work, and practice interview skills.

Work Experience Opportunities

Students, Employers and the School to Work Coordinator strive for the best possible work experience for each student. Time is spent analyzing progress and successes. Work Experience credit is earned at the rate of .5 credit for 90 hours worked. A total of four (4) credits may be earned. College Now/Tech Prep credit is available.

For more information about these opportunities, contact:

Kris Davis
School to Work Coordinator
923-3440 or 923-4800 ext. 2023

Kris Davis