Beltran Grading Policy

All non-IB classes: 
homework and classwork are assessed at 25% of the final grade.  Major (sometimes called “summative”) proficiency-based assignments constitute 75% of final grade.

IB/Diploma Level Literature:
The relative weighing of homework/class assignments and major proficiency-based. To accommodate a learning curve as students take on college-level assignments, the weighting is progressive throughout the first year of the 2-year IB/DP course sequence.

11A: homework/classwork is 30%; major/proficiency-based assignments 70%
11B: homework/classwork is 25%; major/proficiency-based assignments 75%

Late Homework/classwork: 
Generally speaking, homework and class assignments cannot be made up after the due date for any reason. Students who are ill or with planned absences are responsible for finding out what is due and turning in assignments on time. Students with excused and unanticipated illness will have an opportunity to make up missing work after consultation with me.

Major/proficiency-based assignments: 
“flat fee” deduction fo 10% regardless of when the assignment is turned in.

These are very rare and are given solely at my discretion, and only when a student has demonstrated consistent effort to meet proficiencies in a timely and self-disciplined fashion (i.e., only when a student has a passing score on homework/classwork AND has turned in all major assignments before the final due date).