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Educational Philosophy

          Teaching is not a job.  Teaching is a privilege.  Teachers should be

          more dedicated to their task-directing and educating the youth of

          America.  We must set examples for young people to follow. . . . I am

          proud to be a teacher.

                                                                             -South Carolina teacher

Teaching is a profession of mentors.  Role models that shape the lives of young people.  It is the task of an educator to capitalize on the talents of each student.  To draw from within a student, their potential and develop them into productive citizens.  Successful individuals; that is our challenge.  A challenge that educators cannot do alone.  As educators, we ask only two things, support from society, and the means to do our job.  With support and the means to teach by, the education of young people can be effective and efficient.  Society knows the value of education and entrusts in us, educators, to prepare each generation to lead the world.

Linn-Benton Community College
California State University