Giannini Grading Policy

Students may earn up to 10 points per day in the Learning Essentials class.  They may earn points by engaging in the following activities:

  • Working or receiving instruction on their current classes
  • Testing and improving their Reading, Writing, and Math skills with the “Easy CBM Program”
  • Completing practice exams for the OAK’s Reading, Writing, and Math tests.
  • Working on a self-directed book report or research report
  • Completing Lessons on the online “Odyssey Ware Class”

(0-3)  Student is Off Task/ Not Working/ Disruptive

(4-6)  Student needs several reminders to begin work or stay on task

(7-10)  Student is self-directed and working diligently on one of the above activities.

 To check your grade in this class log on to
for the username type:  Giannini1011-t2-p4
For the password type your school ID #:  (for example 223602)
You will then be able to check your grade for this class.